Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ice skating competition - January 2012

Alice has been working hard on ice. She has been practicing three times a week and enjoys it a lot. Her first competition took part on January at Max Bell Arena and it was awesome!

Makeup before the show...
 Waiting for their group...
 Award: a medal necklace. So beautiful!


Ice skating kisses,

Friday, August 17, 2012

New bedroom

There was a while that Alice was not sleeping anymore at her upper bed in her bunk bed. She was afraid of something - I don't know what and I think that ever she doesn't know! Anyway I found that the bunk bed was using too much space either and then we decided to sale it at Kijiji. Luckily we got a double bed for free and switched the bunk bed for the double.

Here there are some pictures from her room with the bunk bed and then with the double and before Marisa and I decorated her room.



That's all folks,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Year 2011 ----> 2012

Esta entranda de ano foi a segunda seguida que passamos dentro de um quarto de hotel. No ano anterior estávamos em Canmore e esta MUITO, mas MUITO frio e nao nos animamos a sair.
Desta vez o problema nao foi a temperatura, mas a chuva. Como estava muito chuvoso resolvemos ficar no quarto do hotel por causa do Arthur.
De qualquer forma foi divertido. Brindamos e conversamos. Nada demais, mas gostoso e em família. Com família aumentada.... Segue as fotos que tiramos.

2011 beijos,

Vancouver 2011 - Diversas

Just some pictures to give you an idea about what we did and what we saw in this lovely (BUT raining) city!
Ride in the Aqua bus.

Few moments with sunshine. We got to hurry up to don't miss the picture. hehehe...
You can see the Rockies in the back.
It is so beautiful, the ocean and the mountains with some snow on the top.
View from our hotel.
Vanchouver kisses,

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vancouver 2011 - Victoria

  I know, I know....Victoria is not in Vancouver, but.... Victoria is the capital of British Columbia (BC) and we could not miss it. To get there we had to take a ferry boat. It took a while to get in the city but it was worth. Victoria is a beautiful city. Unfortunately we couldn't stay longer... maybe next

Pacific kisses,